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With years of experience in photography,  specializing in Architectural interiors and exteriors, residential and commercial.



My father gave me a hammer and a handful of nails when I was five years old. He pointed to a pile of scrap wood and said, “get to work!”.


I watched him as he built a deck on the back of my childhood home. Following his moves on a smaller scale, I went to work on the pieces of two by four scrap cut offs from the deck. He had handed me the smallest hammer in his tool arsenal, which was still longer than my arm , and it took all the strength I had to wield it upon the nails. It took my father a maximum of three swings to sink a nail, (one to set it , two to bed it.) Myself, about ten minutes to sink three. That was pretty good I'd say for my age.


My mother commented to him, “ you know, he's going to hurt himself !”


His reply, “ Well, he hits himself in the thumb once, he won't do it again.”


Well I wish that were true. I did learn a lot from my father in this matter, a skill that has been useful throughout my life and each career I've had.


When I was 10 I received a point and shoot film camera for my birthday, a big disappointment!


This was quickly resolved by swapping out that camera for my dad's fully manual Pentax 35mm with screw mount lenses. How was I suppose to learn anything if the camera did all the work for me.


In high school I had imaged a career as a painter, but the thought of being a starving artist in New York City did not fare well with me. My alternative and choice was to enter the film industry where as Ramon noodles seemed more affordable. My film career was surrounded by amazing artists which pushed my skills in lighting and photography to new levels.


Life in California took on a new perspective in design and architecture. Taking on work in high end residential design and building as well as starting a business in media print and web design.


Moving back to the east coast for family allowed me to reacquaint with old friends and new ventures. I never in my life imaged becoming a Roller Derby Referee, huh. A good friend and Architect was in need of a photographer for previous and upcoming projects for his firm, as well as the need and demand for a good architectural photographer for his colleagues, which led me to Architectural photography.


I can still hammer in nails.My painting skills, not so great.


photo by Ed Mattson Sr.

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